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Katrin Scheinig
Event Manager

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Katrin Scheinig



RF Energy has the potential to turn entire industrial sectors upside down. The 1. RF Energy Summit organized by SmarterWorld had already shown which areas this could affect: The fact that transistors are now in algae to replace the bulky, energy-hungry and susceptible magnetrons is changing the world of microwave ovens and the way in which we will prepare food in the future, as are many heat and dry treatments in industry and lighting in the plasma lamp sector.

Solid State RF Energy will also conquer completely new areas: applications in mass spectroscopy for fast and mobile analysis can be found in agriculture or in the safety sector, as can the ignition of combustion engines – where a lot of fuel can be saved – and in medical technology. The new technology will conquer many more areas that we are not even thinking of today.

What is behind the RF-Energy technology, which components and subsystems are required for its use, how it can be used in the ignition of combustion engines, in plasma lamps, in drying plants in industrial environments, in medical technology, in chemical analysis and in many other markets, and how it will change the markets can be found out at the 2. RF Energy Summit on 23 October 2018 in Munich, Germany.




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