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Katrin Scheinig
Event Manager

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Katrin Scheinig


SmarterWorld RF Energy Summit

October 23, 2018 - Erding, Germany


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The SmarterWorld Solid State RF Energy Summit, which took place in Erding near Munich on October 17th , brought together experts in semiconductor and chip manufacturing, in electromechanical components and in printed circuits boards with a broad range of application specialists from target markets such as microwave ovens, lighting, drying and warming for industrial production equipment to chemical and medical devices. Supported by the RF Energy Alliance – working on a consistent RF Energy roadmap and educational programs – the Summit gave the opportunity for networking and meeting the relevant people who drive the technology in new and promising applications.

Both, the audience and speakers were convinced, that Solid State RF Energy has reached a decisive turning point: The technology is transitioning from R&D and prototyping to real world commercial products. Most speakers at the Summit emphasized that it will be mandatory for the success of the new technology to make the integration of RF Energy sub-systems as easy as possible for none RF experts. The first reference designs and development environments are available now, as several speakers pointed out in their presentations - more is to come in due course.

Since all participants were excited about the maturity and the high potential of the new technology, which makes it appropriate for applications in many different end markets, they are looking forward to meeting next year in October for the second SmarterWorld Solid State RF Energy Summit – to discuss what will have been achieved by then and how to propagate from their into 2019 and the years to come.